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If you go to a bookstore, you can find many books explaining SEO measures. Among them, I mainly write about SEO measures for Google and choose new books and revised editions as much as possible.

Because Yahoo currently uses Google’s search system, the search results are the same as Google. Also, since the algorithm is constantly changing, some old know-how does not work.

When it comes to internal SEO measures, there is no doubt that you should adhere to what is written in the book. However, many people are misunderstood, so I will write the important points below.

Points of internal SEO measures that should not be mistaken

There are many cases where people who call the know-how book on SEO measures can easily work on it and fail. It is “overkill”.

For example, how to put keywords in meta keywords and bulk url opener extension. This will not make the best use of the know-how book. At a minimum, pay attention to the following points.

Besides, SEO measures change every day. It doesn’t make much sense in old books. Search engines have already ignored the meta keywords mentioned earlier, so there is no point in trying desperately to take measures. Search engines prefer unintentional, natural shapes.

Be careful not to make the content unnatural and bulk url opener extension

The title, keywords, description, and h1 tags should not be duplicated within the site.

Keywords should be about 1 to 5 on each page, focusing on the important ones

Do not use the same keyword more than once in the title

Heading tags should be text, if possible

When using an image for the headline tag, put a natural sentence including the keyword in the alt attribute.

Do not continue multiple headlines and sentences that start with the same keyword

Do not skip heading tag text off-screen in style sheets

Do not create a doorway page where other content is the same, only the area name is different

Don’t create pages where affiliate or ad tags make up the majority of your content.

Don’t create page sites where most of the content is duplicated

On each page, the appearance rate of the main keywords is about 3.5% to 4.8%

There are a few links from the top page to external sites as possible

Let’s introduce a mechanism to increase the frequency of updating each page

Do not link to the top page in index.html, etc.

If the ranking goes down due to overdoing SEO measures

When I take SEO measures by trial and error myself, I always experience that the ranking has dropped significantly. But don’t panic. It is a very rare case that spam is recognized and erased.

Think you’ve been penalized because you’ve done a little too much, and try to fix what you think you’ve done too much

That way, you’ll usually be back in your original position quickly.

It is often the case that even though you have reached a good ranking, you suddenly drop to 100th or higher. In such a case, you must be doing something that you know. While experiencing this kind of thing, we will grasp the right time.

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