Pet Arthritis and joint lube – New and Safe Arthritis Treatments For Dogs

Pet Arthritis and joint lube
It was reported that all mammals will develop arthritis if they live to an old enough age. Medical advancements are allowing dogs to live longer than ever before. However, animals are being diagnosed with more disease due to their extended life span. Our pets can often be exhibiting signs of arthritis for long periods of time before pet owners even notice. Starting on medications before the symptoms are noticed will slow the changes from occurring and can prevent arthritis from becoming severe later in life.


There are many medications on the market for arthritis currently. There are some new drugs that have been introduced in both human and veterinary medicine that have fewer side effects as well as contain natural ingredients.


The most common drugs being used for arthritis are called Non Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory drugs known as “NSAIDs”. These stop pain by inhibiting inflammation around and in the joint. However, they do have some severe side effects including kidney disease, gastric ulcerations and bleeding.


Recently, there have been new ideas for how arthritis and joint lube should be treated. Doctors are trying to incorporate safe natural drugs called Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Agents (DMOAAs). DMOAAs are split into two categories called Nutraceuticals and Chondroprotectants. These supplements have not been found to have any side effects and increased research is showing that they are as effective as NSAIDs. When these supplements are used in combination with NSAIDs they decrease the amount of NSAIDs needed to help with pain.


Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Agents and joint lube can:


o Rebuild cartilage and stop destruction of the joint surface

o Decrease inflammation which causes pain in arthritic patients

o Remove free radicals which can be damaging to joints

o Provide vital nutrients for rebuilding damaged cartilage


These drugs have also been shown in numerous studies to have:


o Anti cancer effects

o Cure common skin diseases including itchy (pruritic) and flaky skin.

o Prevent cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS)- Alzheimer like syndrome


These drugs can be purchased over the counter and should be started at a young age to decrease the chances of irreversible arthritic changes. Make sure to only purchase name brand products since they are not regulated by the FDA and the active ingredients differ greatly between products.


Some of the most common supplements being used are:


– Sam-e(S-adenosyl-L-methionine)

– Omega-3 fatty acids

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