The Place of a Home Extension Architect in a Home Extension Project

If you are considering extending your home soon, then chances are that you will need the services of a home extension architect. The home extension architect is one of the emerging specialists in architecture, alongside the likes of the environmental architect, the residential architect and so on. These are typically professionals with strong backgrounds in general architecture, who then go on to specialize, through further training and extensive project involvement, in the respective areas.


The need to involve an architect comes as ‘news’ to many people going on such projects. But the truth of the matter is that the home extension – if it is to be properly hacked – may actually call for more skill than what was involved in the first building of the property; hence the need for a specialized architect.


What is worth noting about the involvement of a home-extension architect in the project is that this is not just about the aesthetics of the project, but also about the safety of the extension. Indeed, in many legal jurisdictions, it becomes a mandatory requirement Jadescape showflat location – because there have been cases of what were initially very sound structures ending up being compromised during extensions, so that they become unsafe. And an unsafe structure as we all know, is not only dangerous to the owner, but to the general public as well; for there is no knowing when it could come tumbling, and who it could end up falling on.


Jadescape showflat location architect who is involved in the initial design of the building


The roles of the home extension architect can be seen as two-fold. On the one hand, this is the professional who (perhaps in concert with the structural engineer) will ensure that the structures that make the extension possible are safe – that they won’t come tumbling the very next day. And on the other hand, this is also the professional who will ensure that the structures are aesthetically appealing, for there have also been cases of otherwise beautiful buildings ending up completely messed up during extension, when the extension projects are not properly thought out.


In the face of the unique challenges involved in home-extension projects, it is not unheard of architects who are otherwise very highly experienced in general architecture (in the designing of absolutely new buildings, that is) expressing reservations about going on home extension projects. Their advice to you, when you approach them with such a project will be that you should go to a home extension architect.


An encounter with a home extension architect will usually start with a visit to his or her office, where you get to brief them on what you generally want. The second step would be for them to visit the site, and make a professional assessment of the project. And the third step would be for them to work out the specifics of the project in their studio, with the end result of this step being the drawings they develop and hand to the builders who are to be involved in the actual project. After this, the role of the home extension architect is reduced to a supervisory role – to ensure that the blueprints they developed for the project are followed, so as to come up with both a structurally sound, and aesthetically appealing building.

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